• Alex


  • Biggs


    One of the pair of brothers that pilot the Returner's Hideout.
  • Captain Cid

    Captain Cid

    A raucous and unorthodox pirate captain who owns the fastest airship in the world.
  • Darius


    A rugged and skilled travelling swordsman
  • E-Soldiers


    The soldiers who run the Empire's checkpoints and police their streets
  • Elias


    A mole in the Returners who revealed himself to betray them.
  • Eternal President Martin

    Eternal President Martin

    The aging tyrannical and well-loved leader of the Empire. (deceased)
  • General Madgus

    General Madgus

    A gun-obsessed misogynist general nicknamed "Mad Dog"
  • Head Scientist Kried

    Head Scientist Kried

    An insane genius with an obsession over magicite
  • High General Vanderkaum

    High General Vanderkaum

    A relic of the first Empire; a tyrannical despot in charge of the nation's armies and prisons
  • Hikari


    A naive and lost summoner without any memories of her past...
  • Ipsen


    A mysterious person (or creature) that the Returners released from the underground
  • Landau


    A strange man met at a fountain in the Merchant District.
  • Leon MacConnor

    Leon MacConnor

    A blue mage bounty hunter with an intense hatred of red magi.
  • Max


    Darius's life-long friend and butler
  • Mogmar


    A helpful moogle with an abrasive way of speaking who works for the Returners
  • Pelham


    A dark hero bent on vengeance for the ones he loves
  • Radiella Pietrov

    Radiella Pietrov

    A brilliant alchemist from the Mendiant District of Vector.
  • Rook


    A stoic Ronso soldier on a journey of discovery
  • Thomas Rowden

    Thomas Rowden

    A pewterer from the Merchant Quarter gone rebel
  • Veronica


    The engineer and mechanic for the Returners that live in Grand Station.
  • Wedge


    One of the pair of brothers that pilot the Returner's Hideout.
  • Winifred "Red" Williams

    Winifred "Red" Williams

    A beautiful gunslinging red mage hunter-killer.