Vector is the center of The Empire‘s power, both figuratively and metaphorically. Vector is the home of the Eternal President, the location of Vector Tower and the majority of the ruling government, the location of a grand majority of the People’s Army, and the location of the Magicite Laboratory that powers The Empire’s magical war machine.

Vector is what is known as a hive city, a massive urban metropolis condensed down into a shape reminiscient of an insect hive. Due to the limitations on horizontal space, the city builds vertically instead. Space is limited and very valuable in the city. Because of the way the city is laid out, it is possible to spend one’s entire life trapped in the heart of the city and to never see the sun.

Vector is built in the center of the Vube Desert, a massive wasteland that spans most of the continent of Reynes. It is surrounded on all sides by wasteland; water is supplied from a massive water treatment plant inside of the Merchant’s Quarter. The capitol is surrounded by a veritable spider web of train tracks and railways, some leading to its sister cities and others leading nowhere at all. Vector is built atop an ancient Centra ruin left over from The War of the Magi, named Old Vector by the inhabitants of the city. What the ruins purpose was or what may remain within it are unknown to the public.

Vector is split up into four quarters: the Mendiant Quarter, the Military Quarter, the Merchant Quarter and the Noblesse Quarter. A final, incomplete section of the city is known as the Theatre District.

Travel in Vector is limited. Those without a train pass cannot leave their assigned sectors. As such, train passes are a status symbol among the people of Vector, dictating where or where not a person can go in the city. Those with a higher ranking train pass may enter the Noblesse Quarter, while those without may be confined to just two sectors or to just the Mendiant Quarter.


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