The War of the Magi

Over three hundred years ago, the War of the Magi, a war between the ancient Centra and the Ronso and the humans, completely wiped magic from the face of the earth. Magic was once a common and abundant source of power harnessed by the Centra people who are said to have once inhabited the great lost continents. Over time, the power of magic began to be used broadly and strongly instead of delicately, and those who could wield the might of magic began to regard themselves as the greater life forms. The abuse of magical power by the Centra led to segregation between the Centra and the races of men, culminating in the persecution and killings of over a million people in the construction of many legendary monuments and icons across the planet’s surface.

The races of men eventually turned on their rulers, beginning a massive magical war that scoured the world, erasing the lost continent of Alicavn and transforming the entire continent of Reynes into a barren wasteland. During the conflict, the Moogles joined with the races of men against the Centra, working against the Centra’s ideal of slavery over freedom. The entire Centra civilization was completely wiped out, and with them, came an event known as “The Loss” in which all magic wielded by the races of men was stripped from their knowledge and taken back into the void.

Soon after the end of the War, the races of men searched the earth, destroying all magical artifacts in a xenophobic attempt to prevent themselves from being enslaved again. Many magical races were forced into hiding after the war to avoid this backlash: The Viera were forced into hiding deep within their ancestral forests on the continents of Westernesse and Suddene; the Cremiere were forced into hiding within their underground kingdoms; The Bangaa were almost wiped out defending their ancestral temples from invaders. Few were spared the races of men’s wrath— The Moogles had joined with the races of men against the Centra and as such, their existence was spared. The Ronso, who had been enslaved by the Centra as well during the conflict, and had provided aid to the races of men during the war when freed, were also spared.

Even though magic itself has almost been completely wiped out, those who can naturally use magic still surface from time to time. As a result, all magic-capable people in The Empire are considered dangerous to their surroundings and are often imprisoned or kept in secure locations so that their magical talent does not spread further, a precaution to prevent another magical war.

Now, magic is harnessed through Magicite, a potent crystalline and common form of para-magic.

The War of the Magi

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