The Returners

The Returners are a people’s rebellion that exists within The Empire and Lyonesse.

The Returners are cut up into a series of cells containing between ten and twenty rebels, with as many as twelve cells existing within the area of Vector.

The Returners want to bring freedom to The Empire by eliminating the caste system and freeing the people of the Empire. Their secondary goals include attempting to bring about world peace, and to eliminate the world’s dependance on Magicite. To the people of the Empire, the Returners appear to be a terrorist cell. Bombing attacks on military transports or theft of military hardware is a frequent trespass by the Returners, an act that the government of the Empire condemns the Returners as terrorists for. Unbeknown to most high caste civilians in the Empire, the Returners only use explosives with a focus on non-lethal ordnance that’s placed to minimize impact on civilians or military personnel.

The slum sectors of Imperial cities such as Vector or Cibola show heavy support for the Returners; Higher caste sectors of the same cities show a repugnant dislike and disdain for the Returners.

Each cell takes their orders from the leader of the Returners, BANON, who never shows his face and speaks only through video communications.

The Returners

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