The Empire

The Republic of the People’s Commonwealth, colloquially known as The Empire is a dictatorship ruled over by the tyrannical Eternal President Martin.

Not much is known about the founding of The Empire. Over a hundred years ago, The Eternal Leader Rodney Martin formed a coalition between “the gods and the people”, speaking “the ancient’s wisdom” to his inner circle in order to guide them. From there, they journeyed to the promised land of Reynes, where Vector was built to be an oasis in the desert of mankind. The Eternal Leader has since passed away, but it is widely believed he will resurrect when the Republic needs him. He is entombed beneath Vector Tower. His son, John Martin, presides in his place.

On the outside, The Republic of the People’s Commonwealth believes wholeheartedly in the commonality of mankind and the shared human experience in its doctrines and teachings, placing each and every man on an even footing and supplying its citizens with everything they could ever dream for. This is restated repeatedly in propaganda flyers, posters and news reports, as well as within the Republic’s “nightly broadcasts” of the Eternal President’s speeches to the people. In reality, the Empire is a totalitarian dictatorship in which control is maintained strictly by the ruling class through violence and fear.

The Empire functions at many levels off of a caste system. Prisoners and those who live in the slums are at the bottom of the caste. Workers in the airship and train yards come second. The merchant class comes third, followed by the nobility and then, finally, the elite nobility. Succession from one caste to the other is extremely rare— those who attempt to integrate lower-class citizens into their family are often lowered to their level instead of allowing the other to raise in caste, reinforcing a segregated population.

The Empire rules over the eastern continent of Reynes. It’s capitol is widely recognized as Vector, with its three sister cities Quivira, Banghor and Cibola. It keeps a border with Lyonesse and is connected to the continent of Westernesse along the Kalache land bridge.

The Empire

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