Seven Ancient Heroes

The Seven Ancient Heroes were men and women who led the races of men in The War of the Magi.

From oldest to youngest:

Byron, a powerful lancer who is said to have mastered the power of dragons. Byron convinced his peers to spare the Ronso from destruction after the war’s conclusion.

Garland, a powerful black knight who gave his heart over to darkness and disappeared from history.

Ultima, the most powerful black mage, and, ironically, a human. At the conclusion of the war, “The Loss” sapped her entire magical talent, leaving her to wander the world.

Ipsen, a wandering storyteller and adventurer.

Gilgamesh, the world’s most famous and talented swordsman.

Doga, a strong and resillient knight who formed Lyonesse’s Silver Knight Legion.

Une, a girl who accompanied the heroes on their adventure after Doga saved her from enslavement.

The Seven Ancient Heroes are widely regarded to be mostly folklore inspired— they exist only within myth and legend.

Seven Ancient Heroes

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