The Ronso are a race of feline-esque people that live in the northern landscape of Suddene and Westernesse. They are a fiercely competitive and proud race noteworthy for their blue fur and large horns that grow out of the center of their foreheads.

The Ronso, in ancient times, acted as the Warrior caste for the Centra alongside the human’s slave caste. Throughout The War of the Magi the Ronso came into conflict with the races of men time and time again against their will; After the war had ended, the remaining Ronso were given a pardon by Byron, one of the Seven Ancient Heroes.

The Ronso today live within the snow-capped landscape of northern Westernesse with villages in the Popos Mountains, the Byan Heights, the Zamo Basin and the King Edward Plains. In Suddene, they are reportedly mountain dwellers who rarely leave their mountaintop villages. The Ronso once laid claim to many homes within the mountain ranges of Reynes, but were forced out of them by The Empire over fifty years ago. Many of these sites are points of contention among the Ronso culture towards the Empire’s rule.

The Ronso are sometimes mistakenly considered a savage or “tribal” race. While this is true in their village-centric lifestyle, many Ronso join the Ethos, a group of Ronso who preserve knowledge.


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