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After being contacted by an anonymous source for an assassination attempt on a high-ranking Imperial politician, Autrecourt sent the Returners up to the Noblesse District through the Theatre District to meet with their contact. After traveling up the side of Vector, the Returners found themselves involved in the hustle and bustle of the Noblesse District, and soon had made contact with Mogmar, an urban informant, who led them to their real contact— Mineesa DeBoltz, a prominent Imperial scientist. After working out their differences, Mineesa revealed to the Returners that the person they were going to assassinate was none other than the Eternal President himself. Together, they planned and put into action the assassination.
Numerous incidents occurred— strange men wearing marks indentifying themselves as sky people came down and enacted a simultaneous assassination. Elias revealed himself to be an Imperial plant, killing two members of the Noblesse Returners and threatening to kill Veronica. The Returners escaped, only to discover that Veronica was still alive, and being held on the Grand Alexander, the largest and most well-defended battleship in the world.
Seeking out someone who could get them through their defenses, the Returners found themselves breaking into the Floating Gulag Gongura. A simultaneous prison riot afforded them some leeway, and they were able to break out the person they sought— Cidolphus von Bismarck, wanted pirate captain and owner of the Falcon, the fastest airship in the world.
Now, the Returners descend onto the Alexander to save Veronica and their friends from assassination. But will they get there in time?
The Returners, a rag-tag group of vigilantes and do-gooders (consisting of the stoic Rook, the daring Alex, Pelham the avenger, their leader Autrecourt, the darling mechanic Veronica, the enigmatic hacker Elias and the brothers [[:biggs] and Wedge) found themselves under stress during a routine smash-and-grab job on an Imperial transport train in the middle of the Imperial capitol of Vector. After narrowly escaping, they witnessed a small white box fall from the train and went in to investigate; they discovered Darius, a man dressed in rags who initially seemed hostile. Within the box, surprisingly, was a large collection of volatile magicite as well as a young unconscious girl. Rousing from her slumber, she was able to communicate that she was alone and confused, with no memory to speak of. She could only remember her name— Hikari. Their activity roused a strange creature from the underground— and they fled, with their new friends, defeated the terrible beast. During the conflict, Hikari summoned up the creature known as Ixion, revealing her magical powers to the others, who seemed to take it well despite the universal knowledge that magic is an extremely evil and terrible power. Darius joined the group on promise that his potion would be examined by a famous alchemist who lived farther away than he could go in the city, and Autrecourt would get him there.

After another routine mission into the underground, the group found themselves locked into an ancient Centra ruin— one they were not alone with! The creature known as Ipsen made his presence clear as Rook listened to transcripts of his lost brother’s time in the ruins— and his apparent end at the hands of Ipsen. Their escape from the ruins led the party to believe that Ipsen had escaped the ruins as well with their help— and he may be somewhere out there, even now.

Darius met with his life-long caretaker, Max, who had followed him into the city on the advice of Returners from Lyonesse. Soon after, the Returners found themselves in a journey to the Merchant’s District— a journey that led in ambush, as Darius fought off many bounty hunters, Alex was hunted by a notorious blue mage bounty hunter Content Not Found: leon-MacConnor, and Hikari was captured by a strange and terrifying man who called himself Landau. However, Alex was saved by the interference of his old student Winifred “Red” Williams, Hikari was able to escape custody due to Rook and Pelham’s interferance, and Darius encountered and enlisted the help of the alchemist’s granddaughter, Radiella Pietrov. In the middle of all of this, the news that Banghor was destroyed came across the television, sparking several riots in the district.

The news soon came in full— the town of Banghor had been destroyed by a massive magical superweapon, leaving nothing but charred earth in its wake. Autrecourt learned that the Empire had taken hold of the superweapon and were bringing it back to Vector— and didn’t want that to happen. Sending the Returners in, they were able to hijack the train and locate the bomb thanks to the help of Mogmar, a helpful moogle. The bomb itself turned out to be the drained and yet still legendarily powerful eidolon Ifrit, who agreed to test Hikari if she wanted the power. After a frantic battle, Ifrit had been subjugated, and Hikari had been made his master.

The Eternal President’s birthday is coming up soon— the last day of the year before the new year breaks. The entire city is caught up in real or forced celebration, and the slums and streets are full of artificial snow banks in order to celebrate his birth on the “coldest night there ever was.”

Recent Events

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