Moogles are an ancient and powerful race of small demi-humans who are covered in white fur and possess feline-like attributes. They possess a small yet strong psychic aura that emits from the bobble that sways on a long antenna from the center of their head.

The Moogles joined the races of men in The War of the Magi a hundred years ago, and were known as some of the most powerful spellcasters in the world. At the conclusion of the war, many of the Moogles lost their innate magical abilities in an even known as “The Loss,” a magical siphon that only the Moogles remember.

Fifty years ago, almost all Moogles in the known world stopped and joined a mass exodus to the continent of Suddene, separating themselves from the races of man and joining into the creation of a ‘Moogle society.’ Many remained in the human lands, working for or with humans to rebuild their shattered world after the War. Recently, Moogles have returned from Suddene to join the human lands again, but are few and far between. The reason for their return is unknown.

The Moogles are a culture heavily reliant on oral history as a method of record keeping. All Moogles gather their ‘life stories’ that they share with historians and the gathered Moogles before they pass on to the next world. It is said that the Moogles are the only culture on the planet with a remaining extensive and complete history of the world. Often times these oral historians come under stress from the Ethos, who demand access to the information known by the record keepers. This permission has yet to be granted.

Moogles are kupo for kupo nuts.


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