Magitek is a term referring to “magic in unison with technology,” a term coined by Professor Garumsythe, the discoverer of Magitek. All Magitek harnesses magical power as its resource, which is usually a contained form of Magicite. Magiteknology is a broad term for technology that harnesses magical power from Magicite in order to reproduce a magical effect in conjunction with technological power. The Empire uses Magitek heavily in their combat squadrons, from power suits to cannons and airships to magical protection on each basic soldier.

Magitek is used in a daily basis in the Empire— everything from stoves to automobiles to street lights are magiteknology.

Another radical and experimental usage of magiteknology currently researched in the empire is the implantation of magicite in a person’s body, which allows them access to magical spells and abilities.

In war, Magitek Armor is the most infamous usage: a giant bulky power suit of armor fit with a seat and a series of esoteric controls as well as a great deal of magical power. Those who ride Magitek armor into battle are usually gifted pilots that must train a minimum of three years to qualify as an expert rider.


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