Magicite is magical power given a crystalline shape. Discovered by Professor Garumsythe 25 years ago, its exact specifications are known only to an elite few in the Empire. In Lyonesse, their kidnapping of the Professor enabled their nation to learn the secret as well. While the distilling and creation process is secret, its effects on technology can be found across the world.

Most magicites enable the usage of Para-Magic, a weakened version of magic available by the general populace for consumption. Aero magicite helps pull airships aloft, and fire magicites power engines, while in other cases aero magicite fuels air conditioning or fire magicites heat stoves. Magicite and Para-Magic are both uses of Magiteknology.

In other cases, Overcharged Magicite can be used to enact devastating effects. Most battle items, such as Artic Winds or Bomb Fragments are this type of magicite, as well as all military explosives.

The exact origins of Magicite are unknown, as well as the creation process, which is kept top secret in the Magicite Laboratory in the Military Quarter of Vector.


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