Lyonesse is a country on the continent of Westernesse. In Lyonesse, the people are free to do as they choose.

Lyonesse is ruled over by a patriarchal monarchy that has been active for a very long time. Recently, Lyonesse underwent a coup d’├ętat involving the monarchy. Apparently, the king of Lyonesse has fallen ill, and his brother has stepped in to rule in his place while he is stricken with his illness. The people are not pleased with the surge of militaristic and warmongering decisions, yet support their king-in-tandem the best they can.

Lyonesse is famous for its airship yards and its Silver Knights, who form an elite fighting unit directly controlled by the king himself.

Lyonesse maintains a border with The Empire on the Kalache land bridge, where Reynes and Westernesse meet.


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