Eternal President Martin

The aging tyrannical and well-loved leader of the Empire. (deceased)


The Eternal President was killed by the Returners during his annual birthday speech, with the help of Mineesa DeBoltz.

Eternal President Martin has been alive for a very long time— and he’s ruled over the Empire, which stretches across the entire continent of Reynes, with an iron fist for almost as long. According to propaganda, he’s an extremely powerful, legendary hero with strength beyond compare. In actuality, he’s a geriatric tyrant.

The Eternal President’s birthday is coming up soon— the last day of the year before the new year breaks. The entire city is caught up in real or forced celebration, and the slums and streets are full of artificial snow banks in order to celebrate his birth on the “coldest night there ever was.”

It’s said that President Martin has at least fifty illegitimate children and at best estimate almost one-hundred, but none of them have been revealed to the public. His actual family hides in seclusion within Vector Tower, staying out of the sight of the people.

Eternal President Martin

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