Final Fantasy Magi

Session 9 (Feb 5th)

The end of disc one.

  • Characters: All!
  • Session summary: All of the major players are there; motives are revealed, gears are in motion, and the stage is being set.
  • Upcoming subplots: ?!
  • Current subplots: Light in the Darkness (Shellie), The Long Haul (Tim)
  • Teaser: The Grand Alexander is one of the largest and most well-defended airships in the entire world.
    The Returners stand on it’s grand promenade, facing the alabaster guillotine.
    Veronica smiles and calls out, “Darius!”
    Elias stands between them, along with all of the forces of the Empire.
    Within the airship, Kried runs through the hallways, hoping to free his new mentor in time.
    Landau waits within a holding cell. The new Emperor waits, prepared.
    Deep within the Grand Alexander, a figure walks. Tip-toeing through the corridors, his book slipped open, and all of the words of the world flowing freely from it like a river.
    A loading symbol appears.


Secretaryseven Secretaryseven

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