Final Fantasy Magi

Session 8 (Jan. 22nd)

Breaking out is hard to do.

  • Characters: All!
  • Session summary: In the wake of the assassination of the Eternal President, the Returners struggle to save their friend from execution.
  • Upcoming subplots: None
  • Current subplots: None
  • Teaser: The Floating Citadel Gulag Gongura— one of the largest and oldest airships in the world, massive and round, covered over by the sprawling urban metropolis of its prison ghettos and work yards. Like an enormous stonewrought glacier, it floats above the deserts and mountainsides of Reynes, slowly lofting around the continent in a zig-zagged path. One of the most heavily defended locations in the world, the floating citadel contains some of the most dangerous air pirates, bandits, criminals, mass-murderers and war criminals to ever live.
    Deep within the citadel, behind a door twice as thick and barred twice as strong, a massive man obscured by the darkness flicks a match up to a ragged cigar. As it lights, he breathes out smoke through his gap-toothed smile and speaks: “Any minute now.”
  • Revisions: I decided it would be more interesting if the PCs didn’t learn that Veronica was alive from Mogmar, but from a television news broadcast. This broadcast catches the PCs eye before they find the airship to escape— both Mineesa DeBoltz, Veronica and Anna are going to be executed in one week as part of the terrorist cell that assassinated the Eternal President, and the execution grounds are on the Grand Alexander. The entire debacle is being placed on the attempts of Lyonessian spies— a strange action considering that the Eternal President, the war monger, is dead. So, the PCs know that the damsels in distress are there, but that their airship is too slow to avoid the deadly defensive anti-air missiles of the Grand Alexander— and now they need the world’s fastest airship, The Falcon, to find them and save them.


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