Final Fantasy Magi

Session 6 (Jan 1st)

The most important mission they've ever taken...

  • Characters: All!
  • Session summary: An ultimatum issued from the highest order leaves the Returners to carry out a grisly task.
  • Upcoming subplots: None
  • Current subplots: Scars that are Forever (Dave), A Light in the Dark (Shellie)
  • Teaser: A grave decision has been handed down.
    A group of people plan over a map of an elaborate town square.
    Decorations are placed on streetlights.
    Banners are raised.
    The streets under the dome are covered in artificial snow.
    A man in black sits perched on a balcony. A large caliber rifle rests across his lap.
    The stage is set.
    The final banner is raised.
    A loading symbol appears.


Secretaryseven Secretaryseven

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