Final Fantasy Magi

Session 5 (Dec. 18th)

Job board side-quests.

  • Characters: All!
  • Session summary: In the wake of a terrible disaster, the Returners decide to lay low for a while…
  • Upcoming subplots: None
  • Current subplots: None
  • Teaser: “Man, some of these fights are really hard.”
    “Really? You’re having a hard time with them?”
    “Yeah, like, the tonberry was tough, and I keep having party members go unconscious and stuff. It feels really tough, you know?”
    “Well, I mean I had trouble on the tonberry—”
    “Yeah, see?”
    “But with the stuff from the job board, it was pretty easy. I mean, I heard it gets tough later, but-”
    “Job board?”
    “Yeah, the job board. Whoa— you haven’t been doing that? Did you ignore the tutorial?”
    A loading symbol appears.


Secretaryseven Secretaryseven

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