Final Fantasy Magi

Session 4 (Dec. 11th)

The train job.

  • Characters: All!
  • Session summary: A sudden and surprising turn of events has the Returners trying to stop what could be the beginning of the last war on the planet.
  • Upcoming subplots: Darius
  • Current subplots: Scars that are Forever (Dave), The Light in the Darkness (Shellie)
  • Teaser: An enormous blackened crater now lies in the center of what was once a bustling Imperial outpost. Ash rains from the sky, blanketing the ground, covering up the charred skeletons that litter the rubble-strewn streets. A single unmarked train stands on the ruined tracks of the city; Men in white soldier uniforms push an enormous silver cage into the train.
    Radios around the world spring to life, military outposts flaring up in the chaos of re-armament. Troops begin to move towards the front; everyone is waiting for the inevitable signal.
    Deep in the Merchant District, a pair of men prepare fight off a powerful and notorious bounty hunter.
    A loading symbol appears.


Secretaryseven Secretaryseven

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