Final Fantasy Magi

Session 11 (Feb 19)

Traveling over the mountains of Reynes...

  • Characters: All!
  • Session summary: The Returners interact with the denizens of the village of Ley Moska over three days.
  • Upcoming subplots: I Am Your Master (Hikari),
  • Current subplots: The Girl and the Bell (Darius), The Last Dragonslayer (Rook)
  • Teaser: “Sand dragons, enormous lizards, are highly prized targets for mark hunters, bounty hunters of notorious animals, due to the enormous pearls they synthesize from the desert sand as gastroliths. Extremely territorial, dangerous animals, sand dragons very rarely make contact with others of their species. Any sand dragons within a six mile radius of a human settlement are authorized to be destroyed by the G.M.M., as they pose a significant threat to explorers and settlers of the jagd within the Kalache and Ley mountain ranges. For a sand dragon horn, ten thousand gil. For a sand dragon pearl, twenty-thousand gil. No proof of demise, no payment.” — Job Board, Ley Sicuro

“The Sochen Cave Palace is… the largest and most sprawling network of subterranean caverns in the world. It completely covers the continent of Reynes. Imagine, millions of pitch black tunnels and sand-filled natural amphitheaters, thousands of miles of geological history, and some of the most well-hidden natural wonders of the world, all in one, massive natural labyrinth, just under our feet… Of course, it’s the lair for some of the world’s most ancient and deadly fiends and monsters. It’s no wonder that the Sochen Cave Palace has never been mapped out before… [everyone] who has tried has been killed by the creatures that wait in the dark. Until now.” — Bajalla Bangoo, Bangaa geologist, deceased. The Sand and the Dark: Stolen by the Cave Palace

“It was there, hanging in the darkness! This terrible, three-lobed eye, mouth agape with oozes and it had these mismatched, pale hands… My fear transformed me. I ran. I turned and ran, followed by the screams of the expedition. Others followed, fast. Within seconds I had returned to the sun, my entire team decimated. We were no more than a hundred feet into the access tunnel, and that is as far as I have gone today.” — Feldoon Jurwitz, hume expedition leader. The Sand and the Dark: Stolen by the Cave Palace.


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