Final Fantasy Magi

Session 10 (Feb 12th)

Entering the second disc!

  • Characters: All!
  • Session summary: All of the major players are there; motives are revealed, gears are in motion, and the stage is being set.
  • Upcoming subplots: The Girl and the Bell (Darius), I Am Your Master (Hikari), The Last Dragonslayer (Rook)
  • Current subplots: None!
  • Teaser: Hurtling through the air, above the clouds, the creature just behind them the entire time, the Returners hold steady in their escape attempt.
    It lands upon the top of the Falcon, wings folded, and begins to pound on the deck.
    “It looks like this thing ain’t giving up,” Cid croaks from the helm. “Why don’t you go out there and fight it?” His gap-toothed grin and tenacious twinkle in his eye belies the courage of a mad man.
    “We can take it if we work together! Let’s kill ourselves a dragon.”


Secretaryseven Secretaryseven

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