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Only one true non-human in the party. If you want another non-human’s stats, come up with a decent concept of how your character is radically different than other humans without changing race. (Genetic manipulation, magical lineage, ancient heritage, genome from another planet, etc.)

Each member of the party belongs to The Returners, a rebel alliance working against the tyrannical Empire. The Returners work out of the slums, fighting the totalitarian dictatorship for freedom. You may be working for The Returners out of respect or duty, because of a personal goal, your world view, what you have lost or what you have to gain. I implore you to consider why your character is working for this rebel group. Remember that FFRPG is a storytelling system first and foremost— your roleplaying takes a forefront in deciding the action of the game. The first step to a good story, and to me writing you into the plotline seamlessly, is a solid background. Integrate your character into the world.

Those who can cast magic stand out from the usual human beings, who cannot cast magic. Magic exists in the everyday world in the form of Para-Magic, weakened magic controlled by humans for mundane tasks. The magic your character can cast is more powerful, and more significant. Why can you cast it?

Those who fight are stronger and better than others— it’s why they’re a PC, and not generic guard #6. Why are you better than others at combat? What gives you that skill?

Those who have special abilities are unique in the world. If you can do something no one else can, you should be a special person. Why are you special? What makes you special?

Remember that your character is the star of your background. Make sure to make your character important in the world. Maybe you’re the son or daughter of an Imperial noble, or a former apprentice to a legendary airship captain. Remember not to overstep your boundaries— at the end of the day, you still work for a resistance group that’s in constant danger from completely mundane enemies. Don’t break the sense of disbelief by introducing an unbelievable character.

Fill your background with two to three key NPCs. No need to have the name, age, address and birthdate of every single villager— but your childhood sweetheart, your mother, and your childhood hero all in the same place in the same story at once is concise and simple enough.

In the end, you’ll still work with me on the final details and then we’ll go into the game. Remember, the game is all about storytelling, input, and asskicking.

Nonetheless, these pages are meant to hold the general information of the game world. Don’t be afraid to read up, or to ask me questions.

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